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    Hello! I found your Kid’s quotes published in Kid’s Say the funnies things on PopSugar Moms:”We have twin boys [who] wouldn’t stop asking EXACTLY how the Labrador dad got the lab in our ‘Labradoodle.’ This was the moment we were waiting for to explain the birds and the bees. I didn’t expect to be alone with them in a drive through. After my ‘sex education 101′ in a chicken joint parking lot, they sat open mouthed and silent. There [were] head tilts and scrunched noses and finally one of the boys said, ‘Aren’t you glad you only had to do THAT once to get two babies?’

    I’m reaching out because I thought you might appreciate our new app! It’s called LittleHoots and it’s an easy way for parents (or anyone with kids in their lives) to capture all the cute things they say quickly and on-the-go. It’s available in the app store and I can easily send you a 1-sheeter with more info. Please contact me at the above email address. Thanks!

    Lacey Ellis
    Founder and CEO

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