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Teenagers Scare Me

I am moving into my closet. Don’t tell the teenagers.

This is about kids and what other parents don't tell you. You see today I was trying to write a different blog post. I wrote a story that I need to pull the pictures off my laptop to share within it. I started writing this post from my cell phone. It is a cry for help as well as a warning to all those mamas and papas with kids at home that still wear pajamas with feet. Because... I can't find my laptop cord. I want to insert pictures from my laptop. But I can't. I can't … [Read More...]

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Selfie Snow Angel Fail

The Boy Wants Gin on a Snow Day?

I don't know where you live but here in North Carolina we're getting snow days. North Carolina is drunk. You may already know I am not a big fan of snow or winter or anything having to do with wearing a coat. Yesterday was a magical snow day for us after I was reminded to look at a snow day through … [Read More...]

Weird Bathroom Remodel Moments

Worse Case Scenario Parenting

It looks like we have another unplanned project to do. The barn-house had a frozen pipe. I used one of my coping skills to deal with it. My Worst Case Scenario Skill Set for Parenting A renovation, (second one at the barn in 12 months) was NOT the plan for me this winter. I was supposed … [Read More...]