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Being Twins

I hear it's national twins day. We have some of the identical kind.   I remember being told we were in for an amazing ride as parents of twins.   That was an understatement.   One of my favorite pictures of the nursery rhyme parade and one kid is a little more excited than the other. So funny. I should get a medal for making a "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" costume.   #NationalTwinDay #Twins  Abbie Gale All That Makes You... allthatmakesyou.com … [Read More...]

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Another Animal, Temporarily 

Guess who went to Walmart at 10:30pm to get kitten formula? For a    Gor a baby bunny we found abandoned at our barn-house.  I actually said today I would never bottle feed anything again.   Remember I    bottle fed two rescue kittens a few months ago around … [Read More...]


Counterfeit Kid

Me, "You are too young for us to go white water rafting in Yosemite." Ten year-old, "You need to get me a fake birth certificate so I can do things I want to do. Make me thirteen." Me, "But they will see you have no markings of puberty like armpit hair." Ten year-old, "They will be too busy … [Read More...]