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Meet Marty McFly, Our New Pet Cyborg


Peter went with me to pick up Marty McFly, one of our new rescue kittens, after he was neutered yesterday. … [Read More...]

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Funny Family Tuesday

This is funny to anyone who has ever lived with little Tasmanian Devils. Our three boys trash my husbands workshop. It is as if you put a room in a dryer and run it. So basically if they go in there that room will look like any room the boys inhabit for more than 20 minutes. Jim put a passcode … [Read More...]

This Is My Friend Larry And Please Do The Cold Water Challenge For Him


For us this massive ALS cold water challenge phenomenon has a name and face attached to it.  Please read this because if ALS hasn't affected you yet, it will one day.  Let's try together to help stop this disease. This is my friend Larry Hughes and his wife Kim, aren't they pretty? They were … [Read More...]

The Monsters Want My Monster, adidas Headphones


Last Christmas all our boys wanted a pair of high dollar headphones. As the mother of three boys, I understand wanting a great pair of headphones I have talked endlessly about my desire to have a pair of "boys canceling headphones." The problem with approving Santa to bring them a pair was … [Read More...]

Being Mugged by a Donkey

Donkey out at the barn house with Abbie Gale

We went out to the barn house yesterday and let the boys catch frogs and ride dirt bikes. I was cutting through a small pasture where we let our neighbor keep their Mammoth Jack Donkey when Jim was cracking up at how the Donkey wont leave me alone. He pushes, nibbles on and follows everywhere. … [Read More...]

Summer Vacation Ideas and Zombies


"Hey boys! Look at this! We can do a night tour of Alcatraz! The boat pulls up for the tour behind Alcatraz on the loading docks!" Nine year-old, "Ummm, no." Twin 1 at 14 years-old, "No. Freaking. Way." Me, "It would be soooo cool!" Other twin, "Are you out of your mind? You clearly don't … [Read More...]