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Do You Remember

I need you to start singing Earth Wind & Fire's "Do You Remember" because that is what my son is singing here while stroking the golf cart.  He came home from school and lept onto it and did everything short of humping.You see our twins haven't had the golf cart since last summer. Our oldest boys are 15. The golf cart takes them to their friends, the clubhouse to eat, the ponds to go fishing.... Why haven't they had the golf cart since summer? They let a pretty (and … [Read More...]

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What You Talkin’ Bout Willis

Why husbands can't win.Me, "How do I look baby?" (Fishing to hear a nice word thrown my way.)  Jim, "Nice."Me, "What's that? Hmmm.."(Clearly needing more.)Jim, "Nice in a conservative way."Me, "As in?"(Making WHAT YOU TALKING ABOUT WILLIS FACE.) Jim, "More conservative that your … [Read More...]