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Never Vlog and Drive, A Tractor


I decided I wanted to Vlog about our farm and barn-house. I don't Vlog but I thought I might try. It ended terribly!!!! Seriously! Never Vlog and drive, a tractor. I caution you, I talk in it. I hate my voice and what I look like on video...but I am trying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1422579428&x-yt-cl=85114404&v=LEDMGFswjrE Here is the rest of the story... There was no video of me going into the ditch because I saw my teenager coming down the hill on a dirtbike … [Read More...]

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Ten Stupid Things I Learned at My First Blogging Conference

Here is my card

Ten Things I Learned from Attending My First Blogging Conference 1. Turn off your phone and do not even answer if it is your kids. Chances are they will only call when you are talking to a “cloth diaper mom.” You will find yourself yelling into the phone, “NO, YOU MAY NOT WATCH THE HANGOVER 2! … [Read More...]

Write it on Your Wall, BUT not Really

He was our great hope for THE GENIUS SON

Dear husband, When you say to our son, "Write it on your wall so you remember the dates. I will take you boys to Atlanta to see a super-cross in February" you should remember he is TEN. Ten year-olds don't have Facebook "walls" to write their plans on. Ten year-olds will just write that s*@! … [Read More...]

Winter Blues Beaten Down by Monster Flowers

Abbie Gale All That Makes You

I called my friend this morning and ask her if I give her a vase if she could make me up some flowers for the kitchen island.  I have the winter blues. I say BIG.  The arrangement has to be big enough to beat down "THE BLUES." I need MONSTER FLOWERS. She asks, "How big" I say, "It can't … [Read More...]

Teenagers Will Eat Anything


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Southern Dreams

I miss my southern Mamaw that I would call in the morning to interpret my dreams. I don't believe in all that hocus-pocus but her confident answers always made me laugh. She would dream she was catching fish and she would call us all, one by one, and ask if we were pregnant. We would answer no … [Read More...]