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The Reality of Friday Nights for Parents of Older Kids

Last night we ended up with a gaggle of teenage boys fishing in the pond behind the house. Not a bad way for 15 year-olds to spend a Friday evening.  It did end with one of our sons getting stitches. How many times have we as mother said don't throw rocks and no swinging sticks? I am just happy it was the back of his head and not his eye.Just before the injury Peter, (our ten year-old) came walking in from the backyard seeming to be proud.Peter, "I helped a couple of Avery and … [Read More...]

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Lost in SoCal

Lost phone equals lost brain, for me.I have been rendered almost useless upon arrival in San Diego when I departed the plane and my phone vanished. I have looked everywhere at the airport and called and used "Find My iPhone" and it has vanished.......along with all my reservations and addresses and … [Read More...]

Hippie Pizza Recipe by Abbie Gale "All That Makes You..."

Hippies and Pizza

A long time ago, way before kids, I was invited to a chef's kitchen experience. It was a chance to spend an evening with friends and wine in the kitchen of a classically trained baker in...Athens, Ohio? We were going to make pizzas! Athens in 1998 was filled with dreads, plaid, cargo short and … [Read More...]

Thats a snake

Guess Where I Was?

If you know me at all you know I live on Facebook. If it's not on Facebook then it didn't happen. (You can click the link to make sure we are FB friends because we should TOTALLY be) You would be a doll to like my Facebook page because that is like feeding me cookies. Cookies and "likes" make me … [Read More...]