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Worry and Worry Junior Have a Talk

We worry.  That's what parents do. You can have a child who has "a worry." I do.  I have to pretend to not worry because I tell him everything is ok...all day long. Then I began to worry that he got the worry from me. Then I remind him, and myself, that our "worry" really means we are aware of how blessed we are. It is a blessing to be aware of your gifts. It makes you work harder to be worthy. We complete our homework because we worry about what it would do to our grades … [Read More...]

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No Denying This, Son

"No denying this son. There is only one rear end in this house that only takes up 25% of the copy machine glass. You need a Clorox wipe so I can fax again. I don't care if I gave you the idea when you said you needed a picture of your lizard for school. Well of course your big brothers would laugh. … [Read More...]

Happy Mother’s Day to EVERYONE

   Happy Mother's Day to everyone! After all, we all had one, may be one, you may be a fill in mom or had a fill in mom. To the Mother Earth types that love our planet or the creatures that live here, thank you for loving where we all live. To the extra special moms that lost a child and … [Read More...]


Little People Can Suck Too

My kids came home from school and told me their friends read the article in our local paper about me.Did I tell you I was in our local paper?    Yes, I did find a way to talk about my underwear...on the front page???It was fun and for once, my kids thought their mom was … [Read More...]