Being Mugged by a Donkey

We went out to the barn house yesterday and let the boys catch frogs and ride dirt bikes.

I was cutting through a small pasture where we let our neighbor keep their Mammoth Jack Donkey when Jim was cracking up at how the Donkey wont leave me alone.

Donkey out at the barn house with Abbie GaleHe pushes, nibbles on and follows everywhere. The pictures of him close up are me trying to get a picture but he wont stand away from me to get one.

Growing up around animals and having horses I find this funny because I have NEVER fed him or even brought him an apple. The owners are trying to break him to ride and train and treats for nothing are confusing so all I ever do is say hello and talk sweet to him.

I am beginning to think he is trying to mug me and cannot imagine someone would not bring him a treat.

I did get a kick out of Jim taking my camera because he was laughing so hard at Buckwheat acting like our dog, who would prefer I carry her 50 pounds around in my purse. I have to turn around and tell Buckwheat to stop because he pushes me to walk with him. Also, donkeys are coyote killers which is why I don’t have our dog with me. They will stomp on their heads if they try and attack them. Our pup gets sent into the barn if I am out by a pasture buckwheat is in.

Another thing, he only goes number two in the same spot. I love him for this. Even more, I love that he belongs to someone else and I don’t have to clean it up. He he he!

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      Probably, but the donkey is older than I thought and he is and is too skittish. If you haven’t noticed our dog ranks as a human in my home according to my children and husband. If he had training at all I would try but I have been told that even when they put a leader on him he refuses to be led. We have given the owners a key to our barn to put him in a stall in bad weather but he wont be led which surprises me because he will walk with be when I hand walk him but they made the mistake of putting him in the 30 stall equestrian center next door his first night and now as soon as he is out of the fence he makes a run for the boarding barn! I keep reminding the owners they bought a donkey, they are notoriously stubborn!
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      I think his owner is concerned he is too aggressive for a five year-old. I would agree but I grew up around animals and horses and I never trusted him while I was in his pasture, therefore I was safe. We will see how long they keep him. The owner was severely injured on a horse and thought a Mammoth Jacks would be more steady on its feet but you cannot tell disposition on the internet, where they found him. I get a kick out of him when we pull in.
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