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Summer Vacation Should be Two Months, NOT Three. Proof is in these quotes…

I say every year summer vacation should be two months long because my kids turn into pumpkin heads the third month. Give me a few extra breaks in the school year. I am certain my kids would be smarter and I would be less crazy come September.  Here are things I have heard this week and it isn't even August yet. "Mom! He peed in my helmet!" (A big dirtbike helmet with a face mask)  "I found a baby bunny I have to rescue! I Googled what to do to take care of it and you will have to … [Read More...]

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Another Animal, Temporarily 

Guess who went to Walmart at 10:30pm to get kitten formula? For a    Gor a baby bunny we found abandoned at our barn-house.  I actually said today I would never bottle feed anything again.   Remember I    bottle fed two rescue kittens a few months ago around … [Read More...]


Counterfeit Kid

Me, "You are too young for us to go white water rafting in Yosemite." Ten year-old, "You need to get me a fake birth certificate so I can do things I want to do. Make me thirteen." Me, "But they will see you have no markings of puberty like armpit hair." Ten year-old, "They will be too busy … [Read More...]