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Ten Stupid Things I Learned at My First Blogging Conference

Here is my card

Ten Things I Learned from Attending My First Blogging Conference 1. Turn off your phone and do not even answer if it is your kids. Chances are they will only call when you are talking to a “cloth diaper mom.” You will find yourself yelling into the phone, “NO, YOU MAY NOT WATCH THE HANGOVER 2! WHERE IS YOUR FRIENDS MOM? THAT MOVIE IS RATED R TOO! LET ME JUST SAY THAT NO MOVIE THAT IS RATED R IS APPROPRIATE!” The other mom with small children will look at you as if you are raising barbarians. … [Read More...]

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An Invitation

An invitation. Hey friends. I am approaching my "bloggerversary" and I am looking at some old posts and I came across one about the birth of my blog. How did I become a "mom blogger"? Would you share in the comments why you write on Facebook or why you blog and share with friends and total … [Read More...]

Coffee B-eaches! Mama Needs a Spa Weekend!


What's does it mean if you habitually make coffee and forget to put the actual coffee grounds in, resulting in finding a pot of hot water in the morning? Asking for a friend. Jim also is trying to diagnose me with SOMETHING. Whatever my "illness" it only flares every couple of weeks. I call … [Read More...]

Boy to Dog to Boy


This morning with our ten year-old and 50 pound stinky dog in my bed with my hubs and myself. Me to son who snuck in some time last night, "You know you have a bed. I can tell you are sleeping in my bed so much you are starting to morph into Lilly." (Our dog) He chuckles. Me, "You already are … [Read More...]

Merry Christmas 2014 Family Letter


Merry Christmas 2014 We hope this letter finds you well and you are feeling clever! Can you help us write our 2014 Family Christmas letter? How well do you think you know us? 1. 2014 began for us when we _________________. A - Bought a 40 acre hunt club even though we don’t hunt B - Ran away to … [Read More...]

This Place is Possessed, Halloween Possessed. Halloween Decorating Ideas


Houston, we have a problem. The smoke detector battery is dying. It keeps making that horrible beeping sound. That loud sound keeps making ALL my Halloween scenes go off at the same time. Imagine three electronic cats screeching, a skeleton head singing "I aint got no body..." (David … [Read More...]