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We have been making a movie, a REAL movie

It has been a whirlwind in our house and I haven't had time to write but there is a whole huge story to tell. We are getting ready to wrap a feature film this week. Stay tuned for the story next week.             Things you never imagined you would be a part of sometimes present themselves and I can't wait to tell you about these photos!  Abbie Gale … [Read More...]

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Counterfeit Kid

Me, "You are too young for us to go white water rafting in Yosemite." Ten year-old, "You need to get me a fake birth certificate so I can do things I want to do. Make me thirteen." Me, "But they will see you have no markings of puberty like armpit hair." Ten year-old, "They will be too busy … [Read More...]


O Brother 

There was much commentary when my husband and I saw this street sign today.    All of it was done in the voices of "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" Characters saying things like,  "We gots a Rainbow Street already but that don't mean we can't have a second Second Rainbow … [Read More...]


Dirt and Boys

Stayed at our barn-house yesterday from about 1-9:30.  We even had to get gas station pizza for dinner. This is primarily because there is no one  that will deliver out to the middle of nowhere.     We couldn't even bring ourselves to leave.  Beautiful … [Read More...]


Summer Vacation Ideas and Zombies

"Hey boys! Look at this! We can do a night tour of Alcatraz! The boat pulls up for the tour behind Alcatraz on the loading docks!" Youngest, "Ummm, no." Twin 1, "No. Freaking. Way." Me, "It would be soooo cool!" Other twin, "Are you out of your mind? You clearly don't play the video games … [Read More...]