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This Place is Possessed, Halloween Possessed. Halloween Decorating Ideas


Houston, we have a problem. The smoke detector battery is dying. It keeps making that horrible beeping sound. That loud sound keeps making ALL my Halloween scenes go off at the same time. Imagine three electronic cats screeching, a skeleton head singing "I aint got no body..." (David Lee Roth and one of my personal favorites, decorations not recording artists) a bag of rats shaking and making a squealing sound, A skeleton in a mirror screaming "Let me outta … [Read More...]

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Being Mugged by a Donkey

Donkey out at the barn house with Abbie Gale

We went out to the barn house yesterday and let the boys catch frogs and ride dirt bikes. I was cutting through a small pasture where we let our neighbor keep their Mammoth Jack Donkey when Jim was cracking up at how the Donkey wont leave me alone. He pushes, nibbles on and follows everywhere. … [Read More...]

Summer Vacation Ideas and Zombies


"Hey boys! Look at this! We can do a night tour of Alcatraz! The boat pulls up for the tour behind Alcatraz on the loading docks!" Nine year-old, "Ummm, no." Twin 1 at 14 years-old, "No. Freaking. Way." Me, "It would be soooo cool!" Other twin, "Are you out of your mind? You clearly don't … [Read More...]

Signs from God and the DMV


I never thought of myself as a very religious person until God started talking to me. He wasn’t saying “Abbie, you sucked this morning when you lost your temper. Try talking kinder to your three sons when you find two alligator snapping turtles in your Jacuzzi. Ask yourself, what would Mary do?” … [Read More...]


Smoking gun

Peter, Mom, Dr Dre is sooooo funny! There is this video of a woman saying, "I hear what you're saying but I am only listening to what I want to." Then Dr Dre says, "Spoken like a true woman." Me, PERPLEXED "Dr Dre said this?" Peter, "Sorry, I meant Dr Phil." I am cracking up at so many things … [Read More...]

Red Moon, of the Behind Kind

Moon through the trees

Sometimes you have to be really annoying to remind yourself why you married someone. Here is what I learned last night... If you are out picking up sticks, putting down some grass seed, fixing landscape lights that were beat up over winter and as the sun goes down, and because you have spring fever … [Read More...]