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The Monsters Want My Monster, adidas Headphones


Last Christmas all our boys wanted a pair of high dollar headphones. As the mother of three boys, I understand wanting a great pair of headphones I have talked endlessly about my desire to have a pair of "boys canceling headphones." The problem with approving Santa to bring them a pair was that the pair they all wanted, sounded terrible. I know because I went to the store and tried them on. Then I tried on other headphones and they sounded sooooo much better. I told my boys … [Read More...]

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Peter woke us up at 5:00am complaining he had a terrible nightmare. I tried consoling him and giving him happy thoughts so I, I mean he could go back to sleep. After tossing and turning he declared he was too disturbed to go back to sleep and went about starting his day earlier. He has unicyle … [Read More...]

Yeah, I am Sharing This

Pot Roast

I know I am not a food blogger. I am sharing a Sunday dinner recipe after a conversation at dinner last night with a friend who said she has never made one. I make several variations of pot roasts, one of Jim's favorite dinners, but here is how I make a really easy red wine roast. This is so … [Read More...]

Secret Guilty Mom Confessions

Hello, my name is Abbie. I have a secret guilty mom confession. I have a secret cabinet in my kitchen that my kids don’t know that opens.   Actually, there are two cabinets that look like panels. In one I keep Scotch tape and scissors and the other everything I need to make … [Read More...]

2013 Christmas Letter


Merry Christmas 2013 edition! For the first time since I was 11, I didn't mail Christmas cards last year. Yes, I mailed my own when I was in elementary school. Stamps were cheap back then and how did I not become the next Martha Stewart? So no, I wasn't mad at you.  Yes, we’re still married.  … [Read More...]

Hug Your Kids Long


While driving to our youngest's bus stop I noticed a Dad who is always there with his two boys waiting in their car, wasn't. This is how I gauge whether or not we missed the bus on its last stop. I leave earlier or later depending on all the kids morning activities. This is the happy bus stop … [Read More...]