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Smoking gun

Peter, Mom, Dr Dre is sooooo funny! There is this video of a woman saying, "I hear what you're saying but I am only listening to what I want to." Then Dr Dre says, "Spoken like a true woman." Me, PERPLEXED "Dr Dre said this?" Peter, "Sorry, I meant Dr Phil." I am cracking up at so many things including, why does he think that is so funny? He is 9? Also, he informed me he is VERY excited for puberty and then he asked me if the school would know where the magician they hired who called his … [Read More...]

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Hug Your Kids Long


While driving to our youngest's bus stop I noticed a Dad who is always there with his two boys waiting in their car, wasn't. This is how I gauge whether or not we missed the bus on its last stop. I leave earlier or later depending on all the kids morning activities. This is the happy bus stop … [Read More...]

My kids are Auditioning for Jacka$$ 2023 Edition, EVERY DAY

My kids try to embarrass me

Well, here is the story about probably the most inappropriate thing that was ever said in a Build-A-Bear. Because what my funny kids did to me there ten years ago apparently wasn't embarrassing enough. Because my kids are auditioning for Jacka$$ 2023, EVERYDAY. Our youngest has had a bunny … [Read More...]

House “Guests” and Other Nonsense

Bad Pets

"It is best to simply try and not think of the missing lizard when you are visiting our home." This was me practicing how to break the news that a lizard is missing in our house before our guests arrived in 30 minutes. Oh, I should add... "In the grand scenario of things, the lizard probably … [Read More...]

Totally Twisted Costume Ideas


My boys have me as a mother. This means I cannot help you with algebra but I will rock you out at Halloween. If only my kids would agree to wear my totally twisted costume ideas. This morning the boys needed ideas for their new prep school costume party. I told the boys to be "Dumb Ways to Die" … [Read More...]

Is that a jar of mayonnaise on your head?


Ok, so it looks like this shutdown is about over. Now onto my personal issues. My hair is so dry and fuzzy and winter isn't even here yet. I am buying everything on Amazon that claims, "moisturizing." If you ring my doorbell during the "two day shipping" period I am likely to answer the door … [Read More...]