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      I have teased my friends for years that I pressure wash ALL summer because of these reasons.
      1. I cannot hear my kids bickering.
      2. I love the satisfaction of the seeing the gunk blow away and everything looks new.
      3. Surely all that back and forth at the waist will lead to my waist coming back and my arms Terminator worthy, (has not proven to be true but I think that is because I need to do it more.)
      4. It is constant muscle tension and when you turn it off your feel a little post coital REALAXED. Bahhhaa! Ears are ringing a little and well, relaxed.
      So as a mother of three sons I get to clean, not hear bickering, be relaxed…another missed marketing opportunity to women power washing people!!!
      I should have been in marketing.
      Did I tell you I was interviewed by CNN about a post I wrote about why Botox missed the mark not marketing the product for all the reasons my HUSBAND loves me for getting it? He thinks he is a genius now! Here it is…
      All that makes you recently posted…Pressure. Washing.My Profile

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