The Reality of Friday Nights for Parents of Older Kids


Last night we ended up with a gaggle of teenage boys fishing in the pond behind the house. Not a bad way for 15 year-olds to spend a Friday evening.   It did end with one of our sons getting stitches. How many times have we as mother said don’t throw rocks and no swinging […]

There is a Name for That, Dysgraphia

Sophisticated and Sarcastic Kid

There is a Name for That, Dysgraphia. Our youngest son is in 4th grade.   His name is Peter and he is smart and funny and people are drawn to him. He is an old soul with an inventors heart and a playful laugh. He is so smart one time he enrolled himself into a homeschooling program. […]

Lost in SoCal


Lost phone equals lost brain, for me. I have been rendered almost useless upon arrival in San Diego when I departed the plane and my phone vanished. I have looked everywhere at the airport and called and used “Find My iPhone” and it has vanished…. …along with all my reservations and addresses and plans for […]

Four-leaf clover patch…Peter’s Tiananmen Square


We have something amazing. We have our own little patch of good luck. We have an entire patch of four leaf clovers that come back year after year. I walk out of our front door every day and that little patch of four leaf clovers reminds me of how lucky we are. How blessed our […]

Cat Burglar vs Bird Lady


Have I ever told about the time I called 911 when Jim was in Washington DC for six weeks and I was home alone with three little boys? It was terrifying and of course it turned out to be funny because I was, as usual, embarrassing myself. Someone had the front door and was shaking it […]