Cat Burglar vs Bird Lady


Have I ever told about the time I called 911 when Jim was in Washington DC for six weeks and I was home alone with three little boys? It was terrifying and of course it turned out to be funny because I was, as usual, embarrassing myself. Someone had the front door and was shaking it […]

I know it looks like I am a stripper but the wig is actually my husbands.

My mother-in-law took my husband to his first concert at 8.  Kiss. How is he not in prison?

Have you ever felt like your kids school’s teachers and staff think you are disheveled, bonkers or possibly a stripper?  Well, after the story I am about to tell you you will realize that my kids principal and school counselor probably think I am all three.   The night before the first day of school and because this was our first year […]

I am moving into my closet. Don’t tell the teenagers.

Teenagers Scare Me

This is about kids and what other parents don’t tell you. You see today I was trying to write a different blog post. I wrote a story that I need to pull the pictures off my laptop to share within it. I started writing this post from my cell phone. It is a cry for […]

The Boy Wants Gin on a Snow Day?

Selfie Snow Angel Fail

I don’t know where you live but here in North Carolina we’re getting snow days. North Carolina is drunk. You may already know I am not a big fan of snow or winter or anything having to do with wearing a coat. Yesterday was a magical snow day for us after I was reminded to […]

Giving Pregnancy Results At The Dollar Store, True Story


I took Mitchell, one of my twins, to Michaels and the Dollar Store today for science project materials. I was standing next to a young man who worked at the store when this rough looking guy came walking up to the store employee and said, “Ummmm, so if I wanted to try to figure out […]