Summer Vacation Ideas and Zombies


“Hey boys! Look at this! We can do a night tour of Alcatraz! The boat pulls up for the tour behind Alcatraz on the loading docks!” Youngest, “Ummm, no.” Twin 1, “No. Freaking. Way.” Me, “It would be soooo cool!” Other twin, “Are you out of your mind? You clearly don’t play the video games […]

No Denying This, Son


“No denying this son. There is only one rear end in this house that only takes up 25% of the copy machine glass. You need a Clorox wipe so I can fax again. I don’t care if I gave you the idea when you said you needed a picture of your lizard for school. Well […]

Probably Not Your Grandmother’s Advice on Family


She may not have wanted the burden of a family once she had it but she took care of us all. The family she ended up with was her cross to bear. There is a restlessness in some of us, like my mom, that my grandmother recognized. She never could figure out how to “mother” that.

Funny Easter Story, Another Holiday That Tries to Turn Me Into a Liar


Another holiday trying to turn me into a liar. When taking our twins to the mall to get a photograph with the Easter Bunny they peer into his mouth and declare, “I see you! I can see the man inside the bunny costume”

The Reality of Friday Nights for Parents of Older Kids


Last night we ended up with a gaggle of teenage boys fishing in the pond behind the house. Not a bad way for 15 year-olds to spend a Friday evening.   It did end with one of our sons getting stitches. How many times have we as mother said don’t throw rocks and no swinging […]