The Boy Wants Gin on a Snow Day?

Selfie Snow Angel Fail

I don’t know where you live but here in North Carolina we’re getting snow days. North Carolina is drunk. You may already know I am not a big fan of snow or winter or anything having to do with wearing a coat. Yesterday was a magical snow day for us after I was reminded to […]

Poor Husbands and their Wives’ Naughty Books, My “Fifty Shades of Grey Experience”


You can drive by their brick houses and see that something is going on with the family that lives there. The pansies that were planted last fall are leggy in their flower beds and should have been pulled out a month ago, and replaced with begonias. Their flower pots are sitting empty. Has there been a separation? Impending divorce? Illness? Nope, it’s “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Ten Stupid Things I Learned at My First Blogging Conference

Here is my card

We wished we had someone with more experience to talk to but it turns out those with more experience were out together trying to get away from the people trying to “crack into their nut.” I get it. I have long time girlfriends too and I am sure these women have amazing relationships. Do I sound jealous? I am not because I really do get it. They have worked very hard to learn what they have learned and I am sure they had some bumps and bruises along the way.

Boy to Dog to Boy


This morning with our ten year-old and 50 pound stinky dog in my bed with my hubs and myself. Me to son who snuck in some time last night, “You know you have a bed. I can tell you are sleeping in my bed so much you are starting to morph into Lilly.” (Our dog) He […]

Recovering Emotionally From River’s Carnivorous Seaweed


Our friends all learned to never go canoeing with me and if they do they better be faster than I am in a kayak.

The teenagers all learned that I won’t baby them, as I am an equal opportunity canoe flipper.

FYI, if you ever decide, (after flipping everyone’s canoes) to float the rest of the way down the river next to your kayak so as to foil anyone’s attempt to “get even”…DON’T!