The Mama in Pajamas, Like the Llama but Pumping Gas

When did I become a person who pumps gas in my pajamas?

As if my fuzzy chenille old lady cardigan and ballet flats makes it ok.

I’m the Mama in Pajama’s instead of the “Llama in Pajama’s” that your kids have read about.

If I lived in my hometown in Michigan still, never!

Somehow, I justify it as my North Carolina peeps would not be surprised to see me pumping gas in this manner.

Some NC peeps might even expect it and smile and wave.
Thanks NC peeps for letting me feel its ok to be weird, I think.

That is me in my pajamas.  In my home where I am supposed to be.  And at night when I am supposed to be in pajamas.

When you are my sister and she texts you she is pulling down your street after a long night of driving…this is how I let her know I am waiting by the door.

Yes, she thinks I am stupid too.

Thinking of doing a 30 day challenge of getting up, showered, dressed and “done” before leaving the house at 7:20. For the love of God I get up at 5:30 anyway. Ok, dressed in heels! Some people have exercise goals and I have an “acceptable appearance goal” for the school drop off lines?

I have to stop living in fear that another parent, or God forbid teacher, might approach my car window in the morning.
I backed my suburban in to the gas pump so I could hide from the 3 people I knew in the Mc Donald’s drive-thru line. That is a person with a problem. Intervention?  Why isn’t anyone planning an intervention?
I’m usually barefoot!
Ok, I returned  aRedbox movie…barefoot…and…twice.
See.  INTERVENTION PEOPLE.  You should already be on the phone trying to find where Oprah went.
I swear, no one is to call those mean people from “What Not to Wear.”
You would be so embarrassed when I was on “Talk Soup” for punching that mean lady in the throat.
Thought you might enjoy some of the replies from friends on my Facebook page the morning I posted this.
  • I’ll be glad to help you after I stop laughing
  • More concerning to me….you knew 3 people in the McDonald’s line!
  • You should try Northern Michigan…that’s considered ‘dressed up’ in some places.
  • Pajamas are so comfy. I drive my daughter to the bus stop in my pajamas. At 7 am, I’m not looking to impress anyone. We should meet on your front porch for pajama and coffee chillax time after the morning the rush.
  •  But now your secret is out and everyone will be looking for you just to snap a picture and post it!!!!
  • You will frequently find me in pajama pants with puffins on them in the middle school car rider line. Probably slippers too. God forbid I’m in an accident.
How about you?  Do you leave the house in your pajamas?  Oh…without your pants?  Please, please, please tell me you have left the house without your pants, AND BEEN CAUGHT!




  1. says

    I leave the house in pajamas a lot- and barefoot most of the time! One time, I was barefoot and had my pajamas on AND ended up having to go to the store to get a shirt for my youngest when his teacher informed me at drop off that he needed it for a project that day. I had shoes in my van- but there was a pair of heels and then some other dress shoes- they went GREAT with my pajamas.

  2. makewayforlindaj says

    I regularly drop my kids off at school still wearing my pajamas. I agree with your facebook friend’s philosophy of life before 9am – “I’m not looking to impress anyone”. They should be impressed that I don’t run my car into a tree at that hour. I file my ability to linger in pajamas as one of the very few perks of being a stay-at-home mom…. that and the fact that the only bitchy “co-workers” I have to deal with during the day are my two cats.


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