Lying and Photo Editing for Fun

It is when I am editing photos I realize the most that I have a lying mirror and scale.

I enjoy taking pictures and I take a LOT of photos.

all that makes you

Some may call me a photo hoarder.  I have called myself one (here in “Confession, I am  Hoarder).

It also means that I am rarely in photos.

Most of us hate hearing our own voices and seeing what we look like in pictures.

I adore finding photos of my parents and grandparents when they were my age or as I remember them as a child.

The old photos are before the age of photoshopping or even previewing the image on a digital devise and deciding it is a “keeper.”

I am a habitual photoshop offender.

Call it “body dysmorphic disorder”, of the backwards kind.

I get so angry at my bathroom scale for fibbing.

Scale Skinny

Liar, liar pants on fire.  I still look 25, I think so anyway.

Don’t we all feel 25 in our heads?

I have the opposite issue most women have. I see myself and think, what a crappy mirror and who made this scale?

Anyone else have lying appliances in their homes?

Here is a picture taken in Chicago a couple of weeks ago.  We were all in town for BlogHer and were invited to attend Social Luxe Lounge.  There was an amazing group of people there and I was so excited to be part of it with the companies sponsoring like #Lumineers, #ubisoft, #proflowers and #partypail!


There I am with Amiyrah Martin and Tricia Oaks.  They are some of my favortist people on the internet.

Photo by @CLBuchanan

We all walked several blocks in the heat and stood outside waiting to get in and register.  I didn’t mind.  I certainly wasn’t going to go in the bathroom and primp before the “welcome” photo they were taking of everyone.  Certainly not when there are programs on my computer that can “fix” the humid hair and “glistening” skin we all had like the #PicMonkey website.  I also had my necklace on sideways.  That alone made me crazy.

Wanna see?

Of course you do!

BlogHer13 SocialLuxe before editing photo

Photo by @CLBuchanan

No sparkles in this one but they are still cute.

I like to think that sparkles follow us around.  I can make sparkles!

I am also happier not stressing out about how I look and just concentrate on having fun.

It all can be fixed in photo editing.

I am still getting my rear end on the elliptical today.

Getting in shape just in time for cardigan season? I do LOVE cardigan season.

Tomorrow I am posting some silly photos that I have “doctored” into what I am titling…

“Dumb Ways to Die BlogHer Style”

If you haven’t seen the ADORABLE video “Dumb Ways to Die” you just have to!

It is here and I promise it is so cute despite its silly name!

Abbie Gale at

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    • Profile photo of Abbie Gale says

      Well thanks! It is to be expected when there are so many people. It is vanity. I figure we have a way to make ourselves like a photo and then we will keep it and the memory. Why not use it! I had a lot of fun and there were so many nice people It would be sad to dismiss a photo when in ten years we will all wish we looked like this! Ha ha! Thanks for coming by!

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