Confession, I am a Hoarder

I spent all day yesterday on a ladder and with a bucket cleaning our front porch.

Not until I was done did I feel genuinely bad my neighbors had to look at our mildewed white porch all fall. I do this a couple of times a year but it has been a really rainy year for us in NC. That made for blackish green gunk all over the white portions of our house.

I would show you before and after pictures because the difference is profound.

But I can’t show you because Suri tells me I cannot take any more pictures.

4,983 photos and my “data storage” is full.

I have a confession, I am a hoarder.

I am a photo hoarder.

I have pictures in totes and stashed in closets. I have thousands of pictures on flashcards. I have some in a fire safe on DVD’s, I have them in my computer and I have them in my iPhone. I download them to my laptop. I just can’t get myself to delete them from my phone.

My phone is crippled until I do!

I can’t even do the latest update.

I need an intervention. I am not kidding. I download them onto my computer but I am still too stressed out that I might be somewhere and may need a picture of the lightbulb base when I need to buy another and I wont remember what kind it is. NOT KIDDING. That is a fact.

I need someone to come over and hold my hand while we back up all my pictures to numerous places and then clear out my phone so I can take more pictures.

I am not trusting “the cloud.” What if the kids drop my computer and its harddrive is shattered? What if my laptop developed Alzheimer’s?

Hoarder. I have every excuse like a hoarder does. Soon my laptop will seize after it can no longer get updates because there isn’t enough memory. Then I wont be able to ask you for help.

I am being proactive.

This is a call for help.

I am going to share several from my phone recently and explain why I took them.


Lexington Bar B Que, the Good One

This is my favorite Lexington BBQ place, there are a lot, and I wanted to show my husband what it looks like as they all say “Lexington Bar-B-Q.”

Origami Yoda and Peter What a great read!

My girlfriend recommended this book and Peter is devouring it. I snapped a picture so she would see how much we appreciate the recommendation.

It only took three finger sticks?

Here I am looking for sympathy from my husband with my bandaids from the doctors office before I went to school to run a copier and sort paper at school for three hours.

Halloween Hooker Shoe Store

Why is it when people need clothes for Halloween they call me? “Yeah Abbie, I am dressing up as a prostitute and my husband will be my pimp for a party at our country club and I need clothes and I immediately thought of you. Would you happen to have any gold shoes I might borrow?”

Of course I do! Which ones? I have gold flats too but I am guessing you want the four inch heels.

Halloween experiment

This was a failed experiment to see if I kept candy out at all times my kids would stop behaving like junkies.

I sent the pics out to neighbor moms to warn them that their kids might puke.

I may have said the entire time they kept asking me how many pieces they can have…

“Have as many as you want AND I HOPE YOU THROW UP!

It didn’t work.

It was gone before Halloween and this was actually THE HALLOWEEN CANDY.

And lastly below…

This is why I blog. So I can get rich and famous and hire a laundress. ;)

I am not kidding that these are all Peters pants.

Clay and grass stains. What looks like clay at his waist band is actually pumpkin pie. When I made pumpkin pies I made little mini pies and sent them out to all the kids. One was accidentally dropped. It ended up being picked up and tossed like a clown would throw a pie. This turned into a pie throwing fight which turned into lets shove pumpkin pie down each others pants.

Now I ask you, could you delete any of these gems? I know not! I don’t even need to search for images when I blog. I have our daily routines in my phone. My phone which will be shutting down soon. My phone which wont let me take any more pictures.

Where is Oprah when we all need her? She gave up on us before she could do a show about digital hoarders. You know there is a “digital hoarder interventionist” out there, somewhere.

I think I will just go get an iPhone 5 and tape it to my 4. This is the real reason Apple is making things narrower.




  1. says

    OMG Abbie, you have back ups on your computer. It’s ok to purge. If you feel safer, put them on a portable hard drive first, then clear your phone. HA… 8k? omg πŸ˜‰

  2. Kelley says

    Ha! You are not alone! I am a major photo hoarder! You made me feel better. :) (Thanks for the laughs and for giving me your link on my FB page!)

  3. The Dose of Reality says

    I cannot stop laughing! NO WONDER you can’t delete gems like those photos. I urge you to put them on your computer, though. A few weeks ago my iPhone MELTED (through no fault of my own, I might add). Yes, melted. Not even kidding. I even wrote a blog post about it. Because I didn’t download or use the cloud all my pictures were just…gone. Learn from my mistake!! :)

    • Profile photo of Abbie Gale says

      I am all over this now. I will be out with a girlfriend and just pull one up of her kids with mine and then I think…I almost deleted that to make room. That is the definition of a hoarder.

  4. says

    I too am guilty of hoarding photos! I have more than 100000 photos on my laptop… I have 3 different external hard drives. If you find someone to hold your hand please give them my contact details. I too need help!!

    • Profile photo of Abbie Gale says

      As I type this I am placing them onto the “cloud” as a second form of backup. I used to use Kodak Gallery as my second backup and they went under! Who would have thought! Need a spa where we check in and we hand over our electronics and they triple backup the digital us why we refresh the real us!

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