This is 40, Someone Stole My Life and Made a Movie

Have you seen the trailers for the movie “This is 40?”

This is 40 Movie

Guess when the movie is being released?

That’s right!  The day I turn 40!!!

My parents couldn’t have had any idea when they were doing the “naughty” nine months before 12.21.72, right?

I am so glad they did because I feel so special that I am turning 40 when apparently being 40 is so cool they made a movie about it…and because the world might end!

I’m over here “This is 40″ people!!!  We have a little theater in our house.  I can do a release here!  We can have cocktails at my premier!

So we are having a BIG PARTY even if the studio doesn’t want to do the premier at our home.

It’s not all about me.  It’s about my husband too because Jim is turning 40 on 12.26.12!  Don’t worry if you forget to tell him happy birthday.  No one remembers or even wants to acknowledge a birthday the day after Christmas and I am NOT throwing a party the day after Christmas so we are getting a “two-fer”, (you know a two-for-one.)

It’s also about a women and children’s hospital in Mali.


This is what you do when your kids are old enough now that you don’t worrying about them shoving Legos up their noses or eating honey before a year old.

You dance in your own homes, because the people at the bar don’t want to see our busted biscuits (also known as my tummy post twins and 10 1/2 pound singleton) jiggling on the dance floor.

I have been busy working on the party planning.  I will be blogging and posting pictures for the next couple weeks.  I really thought I would be posting all about decorating and cooking for Christmas this month.  I am doing all that but my focus has been on getting things done so I am not in my pajamas when the guests arrive, (BTW I have not showered yet today.)

For those of you who are shaking your head thinking,

“blah, blah, 40, blah.  I am not here to read about you and your self-absorbed party.  I want to see pictures of those funny boys!  

Shut it Abbie about your party.  

Give me stories about those kids bringing a slingshot to school that they made out of your thong.

For you folks I am including some pictures of holiday’s past for your enjoyment.

I will be squeezing in some fabulous Christmas versions of our own “Awkward Family Photos.”

Priceless Moment
Priceless Moment when Peter looks to his older brothers for an explanation.

I cannot wait to share the swag our party guests will be bidding on in the silent auction and receiving in their gift bags.

Let me know if you would like to contribute and I can pass on more information, including placing product photos on and using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to promote the generous companies that donated.

Oh, my!  Do I have some generous donors!

Look what came today from Fred and Friends...


 They are so awesome over at Fred and Friends they put together a whole box of “end of the world” themed products.  I am going to package them up into baskets for the silent auction.  Love the “Doomed” skull shot glasses.

Fred and Friends people, hello and we share a brain and if I buy the basket with the “NomSkulls” we could ACTUALLY SHARE A BRAIN!  It would be a cupcake brain but it would be a deep connecting bond.  I am also going to have to order the exact contents of the box you sent because my boys acted like it was Christmas morning when I opened the box.  Then I had to tell them the box of “toys” is for the grown-ups at our party.  Should I be happy they don’t know what a shot glass is and called them “cute little skull glasses?”

Let's share a brain, cupcake

Honestly, the people who will benefit the most from the party will be the women and children in Mali who will be receiving the money that is raised on December 21, 2012.

Koutiala Kids

More on the charity.
We had the pleasure of being introduced to Brett and Sheri MacLean and their three young sons this year.  They are from the States and Brett went to Wake-Forest in Winston-Salem, NC for medical school, which is where my husband went for residency and fellowship training.  They are raising their family in Mali, bringing healthcare to some of the most desperate of people.  We are sharing their hospital’s website with our boys to draw contrast to the lives we lead where emphasis is on gifts and toys this time of year. 
The photos of the Koutiala children before and after treatment and their smiles are just amazing and heartwarming.  Knowing that the MacLeans feel such a strong need to help people in a country where Al Qaeda encroaches makes me feel safer and is inspiring.  Knowing that a kind, American family is caring for and helping people there and that may teach a new generation not to hate is so powerful.  
Hospital Stories: Koutiala Kids
Donation site that lets you choose to direct send donations directly to the MacLean’s supply needs, (such as medications) the Koutiala Hospital, or specifically for cancer treatment for the women and children.  Donation Choices
We have a large heated tent being attached to our home, a band booked, a catered meal, full service bar and a full night of events including a “photo room” with a photographer there to take silly pictures.  Oh…there…will…be…pictures.

Here is a little about the movie.  (I mean it “movie publicity people,” you better call…yeah…you.  It’s my birthday and the world might end and I’m not sure if I can call myself a “girl” anymore when I am 40.)

This is 40 Trailer

 Happy Holidays, (and stock up on beans just in case the Mayan’s are right)

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