Therapist for Mothers of Boys

I’m just now getting into shower because washing machine is broken (!!!!!) and repair guy will be here in a few minutes. I would like to wash the cricket, worm guts, lizard and frog germs off of me. I feed baby crickets to raise into big crickets and then I feed baby crickets to red eyed tree frog and big crickets to lizards.

Do you have any idea how bad collard greens smell when food processed to freeze?

Yes, I am processing and freezing collard greens for lizards.

I need a mother of boys therapist.

Here is Bubba Watson our pet Bearded Dragon.

See his full little tummy?  Full of collard greens, strawberries, carrots, peas, crickets and meal worms.

He is the sweetest thing and not to be confused with the golfer.

Would anyone be interested in seeing the Christmas decor I have been working on between sacrificing small insects to my kids pets?

Does anyone have pictures already posted? Would you mind leaving a link in the comments so I can take a look?

It’s like driving around and looking at people’s houses without having to have three boys in a giant wrestle ball held down by seat belts and without my husband threatening to be made to “pull over!”




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